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This article which you are about to read on tennis psychology has been written because I have been made aware of the interest people have in this subject and this is understandable when you consider how getting a grasp on this will definitely improve your game considerably.

For ease of writing I have referred to He and Man but of course everything I say could just as equally apply to She or woman.

Tennis psychology is nothing more than understanding the workings of your opponents mind http://www.arsenalfcteamshop.com/Authentic-Yaya-Sanogo-Jersey/ , and gauging the effect of your own game on his mental viewpoint, and understanding the mental effects resulting from the various external causes on your own mind.

You cannot be a successful psychologist of others without first understanding your own mental processes, you must study the effect on yourself of the same happening under different circumstances. You react differently in different moods and under different conditions. You must realize the effect on your game of the resulting irritation, pleasure, confusion, or whatever form your reaction takes. Does it increase your efficiency? If so, strive for it, but never give it to your opponent.

Does it deprive you of concentration? If so, either remove the cause http://www.arsenalfcteamshop.com/Authentic-Theo-Walcott-Jersey/ , or if that is not possible strive to ignore it.

Once you have judged accurately your own reaction to conditions, study your opponents, to decide their temperaments. Like temperaments react similarly, and you may judge men of your own type by yourself. Opposite temperaments you must seek to compare with people whose reactions you know.

A person who can control his own mental processes stands an excellent chance of reading those of another, for the human mind works along definite lines of thought, and can be studied. One can only control ones, mental processes after carefully studying them.

A steady phlegmatic baseline player is seldom a keen thinker. If he was he would not adhere to the baseline.

The physical appearance of a man is usually a pretty clear index to his type of mind. The stolid, easy-going man, who usually advocates the baseline game http://www.arsenalfcteamshop.com/Authentic-Serge-Gnabry-Jersey/ , does so because he hates to stir up his torpid mind to think out a safe method of reaching the net. There is the other type of baseline player, who prefers to remain on the back of the court while directing an attack intended to break up your game. He is a very dangerous player, and a deep, keen thinking antagonist.

He achieves his results by mixing up his length and direction, and worrying you with the variety of his game. He is a good psychologist. The first type of player mentioned merely hits the ball with little idea of what he is doing, while the latter always has a definite plan and adheres to it. The hard-hitting, erratic, net rushing player is a creature of impulse. There is no real system to his attack, no understanding of your game. He will make brilliant coups on the spur of the moment http://www.arsenalfcteamshop.com/Authentic-Santi-Cazorla-Jersey/ , largely by instinct; but there is no mental power of consistent thinking. It is an interesting, fascinating type.

Now before you read any further let me just jump in here and say that I really do hope you are finding this interesting and indeed helpful. I have written this because I do believe that we need to know more about this subject, so, having said that, lets continue.

The dangerous man is the player who mixes his style from back to fore court at the direction of an ever alert mind. This is the man to study and learn from. He is a player with a definite purpose. A player who has an answer to every query you propound him in your game. He is the most subtle antagonist in the world. He is of the school of Brookes.

Second only to him is the man of dogged determination that sets his mind on one plan and adheres to it, bitterly, fiercely fighting to the end, with never a thought of change. He is the man whose psychology is easy to understand, but whose mental viewpoint is hard to upset http://www.arsenalfcteamshop.com/Authentic-Rob-Holding-Jersey/ , for he never allows himself to think of anything except the business at hand. This man is your Johnston or your Wilding. I respect the mental capacity of Brookes more, but I admire the tenacity of purpose of Johnston.

Pick out your type from your own mental processes, and then work out your game along the lines best suited to you.

When two men are, in the same class, as regards stroke equipment, the determining factor in any given match is the mental viewpoint. Luck, so called, is often grasping the psychological value of a break in the game, and turning it to your own account.

We hear a great deal about the shots we have made. Few realize the importance of the shots we have missed. The science of missing shots is as important as that of making them http://www.arsenalfcteamshop.com/Authentic-Petr-Cech-Jersey/ , and at times a miss by an inch is of more value than a, return that is killed by your opponent.

Let me explain. A player drives you far out of court with an angle shot. You run hard to it, and reaching, drive it hard and fast down the side line, missing it by an inch. Your opponent is surprised and shaken, realizing that your shot might as well have gone in as out. He will expect you to try it again, and will not take the risk next time. He will try to play the ball, and may fall into error. You have thus taken some of your opponents confidence, and increased his chance of error http://www.arsenalfcteamshop.com/Authentic-Per-Mertesacker-Jersey/ , all by a miss.

If you had merely popped back that return, and it had been killed, your opponent would have felt increasingly confident of your inability to get the ball out of his reach, while you would merely have been winded without result.

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24 left in regulation to give the ball back to marshallShologan spent four seasons at the University Detroit Red Wings jerseys of Central Florida and also started all four years on the Knights' defensive line.[1] As a senior in 2007, he recorded 33 tackles and 2.5 sacks.[1] His performance earned him All Conference USA second team honours.[1]Shologan was considered a top pick in the 2008 CFL Draft and a possible pick of the Edmonton Eskimos along with Dimitri click here Tsoumpas and Samuel Giguere.[2] However Shologan signed with the San Diego Chargers. He attended the Chargers training camp; however, he was stitched nike nfl jerseys china cut on June 21.[3][4]A week after he was cut by San Diego he signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders wholesale mlb jerseys China of the Canadian Football League (CFL).[5] He joined Saskatchewan in week eight after they drafted him with the fourth pick in the 2008 draft.[1] He appeared in one game as a backup defensive lineman against the Edmonton Eskimos and recorded two tackles.[1][3] The Roughriders lost Shologan's debut by a score of 27 10.[6] During the Roughriders 2009 training camp, Shologan was called a standout by head coach Ken Miller, and when told about Miller's comments, Shologan responded by saying aw shucks.[3] On August 16, 2009, Shologan scored his first ever CFL touchdown against the Hamilton Tiger Cats as a tight end on a 1 yard reception in the end zone from Steven Jyles. After the 2010 Grey Cup, Shologan was named the game's Top Canadian for his performance, despite the Roughriders loss to the Montreal Alouettes.[7]On December 16, 2013, Shologan was drafted by the Ottawa Redblacks (CFL) in the 2013 CFL Expansion Draft.
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