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It was a match made in heaven Miranda Jersey , at least if your heaven includes wonderful coffee. When Douwe Egberts, the world's second largest coffee roaster, teamed up with Royal Philips Electric, one of the world's leading innovators in electronic devices, the result was bound to be sensational. The Senseo coffee pod system is the product of a partnership between two world leaders in their field with a common background. Douwe Egberts Egbert Douwes opened a small shop in Joure, The Netherlands back in 1753. De Witte Os sold coffee, tea and tobacco to the townspeople, and was more than moderately successful. In 1780, his son joined the family business and together, they expanded their holdings Marquinhos Jersey , adding more shops throughout the region. The company prospered, and continued to grow throughout The Netherlands, but it was not until the mid-20th century that it expanded beyond the borders of its homeland. In 1948, Douwe Egberts began selling coffee, tea and tobacco in Belgium. Over the next twenty years, the company added sales in Belgium, France and Spain. In 1978, the company was acquired by international food corporation Sara Lee. Since then, Sara Lee and Douwe Egberts has become the second largest coffee roaster in the world. Familiarly known as Sara LeeDE, the company is a subsidiary of Sara Lee and employs over 26 Marcelo Grohe Jersey ,000 people around the world. The Douwe Egberts brands include Pickwick tea, Douwe Egberts coffee, Piazza d'Oro espresso, Cafitesse, Pilao coffee and of course, the Senseo system. Sara Lee sells products in nearly 200 countries. The Sara Lee brands include Sara Lee, Earth Grains, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, Ball Park Luiz Gustavo Jersey , Bimbo, Kiwi, Ambi Pur, Sanex, and of course, Douwe Egberts. Royal Philips Electronics In The Netherlands in 1891, Gerard Philips founded a small electronics company focused on making light bulbs and other technical electronic equipment. By the 1920s, the company had begun to expand its line of products and make a name for itself as an innovator in the electronics field. In the 1920s, they began to manufacture vacuum tubes, acquiring holdings in both Germany and England as subsidiaries. In 1939 Lucas Lima Jersey , Philips began marketing their electric shaver, which is sold in the U.S. as Norelco, and which has become the standard bearer for their personal care division. Among the other innovations that have come out of Philips are the audio cassette tape (introduced by Philips in 1963) and the compact disc (developed in partnership with Sony). Philips today is a worldwide leader in manufacture and sale of color television sets, lighting, electric shavers, medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring, and one-chip TV products. Since 2001, the company has won over 60 design awards for personal care and electronic appliances. A Beautiful Partnership In 2001, Douwe Egberts teamed up with Philips to introduce the Senseo system, the single serve coffee system that uses a patented pad brewing system to make coffee and other hot beverages. The Senseo was first introduced in February 2001 in The Netherlands Jonas Jersey , and became available in the US in 2004. The system uses a patented coffee pod (called a pad in some countries) that holds a premeasured amount of coffee or beverage mix and fits into the brewer. The brewer heats water to the correct temperature and dispenses the beverage after brewing. The major innovations in the Senseo were the single cup brewing system and the use of the coffee pad. Sara LeeDE's part of the partnership is, of course, coffee. Douwe Egberts offers a wide variety of coffee blends to suit most tastes, as well as tea in pods to fit the Senseo machine. The current blends include Sumatra, Brazil, Kenya and Colombia, each of them with the characteristics common to the named region. In addition, there are selected specialty beverages, including espresso, cappuccino and Cafe Noir Hulk Jersey , a sweet, dark blend with a chocolate finish. There are also flavored pods, which include Paris (vanilla caramel), Vienna (hazelnut, vanilla and mocha), and a number of limited edition varieties that are currently only available in select European locations. For tea lovers, Douwe Egberts offers Earl Grey and Minty Green T-pods for the Senseo. Patent-ly Perfect In 1998, Sara LeeDE filed a patent in Belgium to protect their use of the coffee pad system. The patent was challenged after the Senseo hit the market and competitors realized that the patent prevented them from manufacturing coffee pods. The patent was successfully challenged in the Belgian court. As of 2004, the year that the Senseo was introduced in the US, other companies have the legal right to make and sell coffee pods that fit the Senseo system. In addition Gil Jersey , several pod makers on the market allow consumers to make their own coffee pods. This allows flexibility in making the coffee or tea of your choice utilizing the Senseo Brewing System. Author's Resource Box About Author: Stephanie Larkin is a freelance writer who writes about topics pertaining to the food and beverage industry often discussing specific brands such as SenseoArticle Source: ? History of Ping Pong

Ping pong was introduced to the United States when Parker Brothers bought the trademarked name from English manufacturer J. Jaques & Son Ltd. after 1901. The name 'Ping Pong' was used to describe the English game of table tennis when it was played with high-end, Jaques-branded equipment.

Today, however, the sport is officially recognized as table tennis; only those who play at the hobby-level use the term 'ping pong.' The sport of table tennis is governed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

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2017 draft prepget our fantasy football magazinewho needs running backsYou have such great points but they buried in little things that take it too far. Who cares for the traditional family? What that going to do for anyone in this day and age? Not like we need little fingers to help with work on the farm all day long. Anti social are going to be drunk and violent regardless of their marital status, with a raise of marriage rates you probably just find a raise in domestic abuse.This could finally be the big breakout week for Hunter Henry against the Browns. The Chargers are still at the party. And Greg Zuerlein.. 3/10: Wholesale Jerseys Steel City Underground Steelers initially snake bitten by recent free agent acquisitionsThe NFL season is opening for business, and fans everywhere are cheap jerseys excited about what pieces their team can add to improve upon their previous season. Steelers Nation is no different in this regard, clamoring each year for Pittsburgh to make a splash in free agency, but ultimately disappointed wh3/9: Steel Curtain NHL Jerseys Rising 4 Survival Tips for Steelers Nation for the Start of Free AgencyIn just a few hours the NFL 2017 free agency period will start. We seen this movie before of course, but commentators still insist on trying to things up with a dose of extra drama.
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both starting inside linebackers ro'derrick hoskins and matthew thomasMy bra size has fluctuated and the Jasmine bra in 36G is now slightly cheap nhl jerseys loose in the top. I have Cleo Lucy and Hettie in 36F which work well, but are currently a little small with definite quad boob action happening (I like the shape and depth of these bras). I just bought the ChiChi in 36F and I like the support, but think the 36FF may fit slightly better (store didn't have the cheap football jerseys size).In 1966, the first anti lock braking system, built by Dunlop, was offered on the Jensen FF. Five years later, in 1971, the first traction control system, dubbed MaxTrac, was offered on Buick full size cars. Two years later, GM offered its first air bags as a standalone option.

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