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Related statistics show Eighty per cent of Chinese people suffering from more than varying degrees of foot disease. This allows people to shoe the daily household products become more and more attention. The attendant nike air max 2014 mens , businesses keen sense of smell is also present in the shoe products to give more and more high-tech elements. Shoe features no longer a single admission shoes, and began to more pluralistic sterilization, deodorization, anti-intelligent direction of beriberi and other health changes. With the Smart family home in more and more popularized, came into being intelligent shoe already demonstrated its tremendous potential for development. Sales from the first-line market information display, such as Guangzhou, Kawano introduced intelligent electronic shoe business, in the abnormal eye-catching high-end home market performance. Multi-function shoe strong words "Hong Kong foot" "Hong Kong foot" that some of the first term of history, has been the people's suffering. Survey shows that more than 70% of people suffering from disease or other causes foot odor, feet wet, crowds over Bacheng with different levels of athlete's foot, ringworm, paronychia feet, corns, and many other "first step of Sui thin These "first step of Sui Paul More than 60% due to fungal infection. Shoebox the family tradition of" filth "of the land, are often hardest hit by the breeding of fungus. Statistics show that people are the shoes on the carrier number is the sum of three times the whole body. Shoebox closed most of the time, no ventilation, the pathogen is easy shoes in dark, damp environment breeds. The emergence of intelligent electronic shoe nike air max 2014 ireland , this situation is expected to be a revolutionary breakthrough. Guangzhou Kawano and other manufacturers have introduced a smart shoe product, once introduced, that is professional in the industry because of its strong development momentum. It is understood that Kawano is the first in China to spend millions of dollars professional development, improve the electronic shoe products. Given in the product molecule O3 Oxygen deodorant, intelligent PTC heating air circulation enterprises and traditional hard shoe features. There are also automatic shoe, automatic test cabinets O3 concentration of intelligent features, leading a new wave of shoe fashion. Kawano shoe of multifunction intelligent electronic and hi-tech elements, is expected to inhibit the foot from the source of fungal disease transmission, prevention of the "Hong Kong foot" generation. Leading high-end smart home market That intelligent home, kitchen, lighting intelligent control that spring to mind first, in fact, far more than that. Smart thermostat bath, intelligent pumping of toilets, cabinets and other location intelligence in the high-end market in many household products, has begun to enter homes of ordinary people. More and more consumers, in particular some high-end customers, no longer satisfied with conventional household needs, they need a more sophisticated home nike air max 2015 womens , smart home concept as more and more people began to know and be used. Smart Home will be the future trend of a new, intelligent e-shoe is a good continuation of this trend. Experts predicted that intelligent home products, will usher in nearly two years, the explosive development. Represented by Kawano health, intelligent electronic shoe, will undoubtedly have gained opportunities that the tide of history. It is understood that. Kawano line with the Hill Group, a subsidiary of Guangzhou, with the Hill Group in the high-tech product development strength. Kawano beginning of its existence that is focused on intelligent electronic shoe product development, is now set in the field a strong competitive strength. With precise positioning and market considerations, Kawano shoe has smart electronics and high-end market in China has made impressive record. "Low carbon" to the smart new opportunities "Carbon" has become a key word this year, China's development. The attendant, health, low-carbon way of life more and more public favor. Businesses of course will not easily give up this opportunity. "At present, domestic appliances, household products after reshuffle, is no longer a pure price war, industry competition will tend to fight technology, brands and services." Kawano said relevant, "home appliances necessary towards energy saving nike air max 2015 ireland , environmental protection the direction of low-carbon economy. " It is understood that the intelligent electronic shoe on the market, generally in terms of energy saving and environmental protection have more consideration. "Our intelligent electronic shoe using advanced energy-saving design, only about 2-3 degrees on power consumption." Kawano said area. There is no doubt, "low carbon" economy will foster more respect for health, intelligent consumers, as more and more companies will join the "smart e-shoe," the new "battlefield", the competition seems to only Kawano just begun. Author's Resource Box I am a professional editor from Chinese Manufacturers, and my work is to promote a free online trade platform. http:www.chinaqualitycrafts contain a great deal of information about slip joint pliers,infinity powered subwoofer,rolling chassis,welcome to visit!

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2012 teammike adamsmarch 158on july 12It's easy for anyone to overlook a team without a win, but the cheap nfl jerseys Broncos refuse to do that, and for good reason. For all the attention that their cheap nhl jerseys record gets, the Raiders have put up some pretty strong games. cheap Alexander Ovechkin jersey In New England they lost by a touchdown, and just this read more last week they lost in Seattle just by six points.Milwaukee would finish another spot or two higher if the bench boasted more appeal. Greg Monroe is solid in the sixth man role, and the offense should squeeze enough frontcourt shooting from Spencer Hawes and Mirza Teletovic. But the defense doesn't look like it'll be very good, and the second unit wants for a high end shot creator.
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