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There are some places in India where hand painting on sarees is done http://www.teamseahawksstore.com/women-sidney-rice-seahawks-jersey-sale/ , Kalamkari in Andhra Pradesh, Hand painted tribal art of Chattisgarh and other locations to name a couple. Pen Batik is a more universal practice but is also appreciated for its exquisite outcomes. Kalamkari, meaning craftsmanship through the use of a pen, is an ethnic art involving hand-painting or block printing on Sarees. There are two well-known and different styles of Kalamkari, namely the Machilipatnam style and the Srikalahasti style, still prevalent in places by these names.

Kalamkari painting is an arduous process of dyeing and hand printing. Several stages of washing and treatment to the fabric prior to the painting and after it, is undergone before the final product is ready.

Srikalahasti Style, was influenced by Hindu scriptures and mythology. It mostly has subjects of Gods, temple hangings http://www.teamseahawksstore.com/women-shaun-alexander-seahawks-jersey-sale/ , epic scenes and other religious themes, in its Kalamkari. Certain marked features of this style are simplicity, good use of colour with some colours given prominence, sharpness in the depictions, and the use of motifs.

The Machilipatnam style having Islamic influence uses more of flora and fauna as themes in its work. Natural dyes are employed for colours, in Kalamkari, with cotton, silk, crepe http://www.teamseahawksstore.com/women-russell-wilson-seahawks-jersey-sale/ , georgette being the usual fabrics as canvas for this art. Motifs with trees, creepers, flowers, leaves, birds are popular.

The hand painting tribal ethnic art of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Bengal and Orissa demonstrates the fine craft executed with finesse. The tribal artisans paint patterns, motifs, scenes from the epics http://www.teamseahawksstore.com/women-russell-okung-seahawks-jersey-sale/ , tribal dancing, wedding scenes, ordinary village life, animals, birds, floral designs and other subjects and themes on fabrics like pure silk, cotton and sico.

They transfer themes onto fabrics using locally available materials, vegetable and organic dyes. They make use of elementary methods of drawing and tracing on the fabric and then painting on them. The beauty of such art lies in the craftsmanship in fine detailing, right colour combinations http://www.teamseahawksstore.com/women-robert-turbin-seahawks-jersey-sale/ , and extraordinarily neat finish that speaks volumes about their unique skills.

Batik is a process using resists for making designs on a fabric. The resist or physical block prevents desired areas on the fabric from being penetrated by dye. Generally wax is used as a resist in Batik.

The rarer type of Batik is Pen Batik. Fine designs are made on the fabric using Tjanting tools. Molten Wax at a certain temperature is carefully put on the design lines with a Batik dropper pen. The fabric is then dyed in a small tub of prepared colour dye. A lot of care has to be taken since too thin a layer of wax could give way to colour dye through the surface cracks.

Temperature of the wax is normally kept between 200 and 230 degrees. A small tub with hot water is generally preferred to melt away the wax. After the wax has melted away in hot water, a neatly dyed and designed fabric is available.

The copper block developed in Indonesia has revolutionized block printing of designs and intricate patterns en-masse on fabrics which has brought about commercial mass production of batik printed fabrics. Not only is time saved but there is a drastic reduction in the cost of such fabrics.

About sahashra Prachi : The author is with Unnati Silks as a Marketing Manager. Known for her specialization in sarees and her love for ethnic fabrics, She could be contacted at press@unnatisilks or 040-64555251 You've gratefully offered. Or been nominated (drafted?). Or maybe your family has given you an ultimatum. Or maybe it's just your turn. No matter what the reason, you get to host Thanksgiving dinner this year. This doesn't have to be a death-sentence. In fact is can be fun and enjoyable, with the right planning and organization. My wife and I have found that the key to an almost effortless-looking dinner is thinking backward. Start your Thanksgiving planning by visualizing yourself, surrounded by family and friends at the dinner table, then work backward to determine how you got there. Ask yourself which foods took the least amount of preparation, which took the most. Write all this down in a list. Now refine the list-but only slightly. What foods can be prepared the day (or evening) before? What has to be prepared that day? What food needs to be prepared within an hour of dinner? Who can help? I find at our house, there are many cooks in the kitchen http://www.teamseahawksstore.com/women-richard-sherman-seahawks-jersey-sale/ , and it's so much more fun that way. The old adage about too many cooks just doesn't apply when it's a big family gathering involving lots of good wine. Sorry, back to task - at this point, you should have at least a vague idea of your plan of attack. So now go through your list, and try to pare it down and refine it a little bit more. In fact, try to create a schedule if possible. Exactly when will you need to put the turkey in the oven, when will the mashed potatoes need mashing? Figure in things like time to sit, and time to prepare. For example, leave approximately fifteen minutes to get the bird carved and arranged on a serving platter after it has rested. And don't forget that it will take approximately fifteen minutes to pre-heat your oven too. Your schedule should reflect all of those variables. By now, your list-or maybe lists-has grown substantially http://www.teamseahawksstore.com/women-ricardo-lockette-seahawks-jersey-sale/ , as you refine the necessary tasks to get to that wonderful image of yourself sitting among family and friends at the dinner table. The next step in the process is to begin to identify the tasks involved in preparing the ingredients for the dishes that will make up your Thanksgiving menu; the prep work. It's lovely to watch the chefs on Food TV blithely talking about adding a cup of chopped onions to a saute pan-as they grab a cup of chopped onions that's been placed within easy reach on their counter.

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