'NBA 2K16' Locker Codes For Free VCs, Patch V3 Out For Xbox One

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A Franchise Herald report NBA 2K16 MT coins noted that rumors are strong that Harden will replace Kevin Durant on the cover of the basketball gaming title but that is yet to be confirmed.

Apart from the amazing animations and facial likenesses you have to hand it to 2K for the production value. The half time shows, the pre-game shows, the coach discussions, fans, crowd, commentary and the atmosphere created around the stadium is the best thing since deep fried ice cream. You just cannot believe your eyes when you see such incredible quality in all aspects. It's mind-blowing. I could go on praising this aspect of the game for 10 pages, the words wouldn't be enough, you need to see it for yourself.

NBA 2K has never been shy to include as many modes and options as possible and nothing has changed this time around. Each year the game tries to include something new, something fresh and something out of the ordinary. One year it was legends, another year it was Lebron's story, another focused on MJ himself. This time around, the game includes a full on, Spike Lee written, story mode.

It's your typical Spike Lee type of film that has you, a kid in the projects of Harlem, trying your best to get out of the slums and into the limelight. It's the dream of any disadvantaged kid in Harlem, or at least the story claims that. Without giving too much away, the film throws your character, nicknamed Freq, going through the trials and tribulations of the real world”. The pressures of making it in the big time, picking the right agent and the right team, making sure all your family and friends are happy and of course playing Basketball.

The basketball bit is kind of secondary to the story in your rookie year. It's a great way to ease you into the mode and it's clear 2K wanted the focus to be more on the story. The voice acting and mo-cap acting are unbelievable as you enjoy all the story bits in what honestly feels like a real movie. There are engaging bits that will have you genuinely concerned and have you emotionally invested with the characters, something that can only be done with great scripting and great acting. NBA 2K16 story mode has it all.

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