nd with Harris as a first-year starter. Now H

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I want to know the origin of the nickname Sneaky for the 22-year-old Cloud9 marksman. A native of Florida, Zachary Scuderi is one of the top American League of Legends professionals. He qualified for the World Championships three years in a row and won two domestic championships in the North American League Championship Series.The original name is SneakyCastro, Scuderi said, diving into the origins of the username he has become synonymous with since he broke into the NA LCS back in 2013. Its from a movie called, like, European Gigolo or something. But originally, the reason I have that name is because my friend, who I played tons of games with, had an account for Heroes of Newerth, and I didnt have one. So he was like, You can play on my account. It just had that name.In competitive gaming, your ID can mean everything. Except for the failed attempt of the WWEs XFL back in the early 2000s, in which players were allowed to give themselves nicknames to put on the backs of their jerseys -- Rod He Hate Me Smart was the most famous -- traditional athletes have gone by their last names. Sometimes, if a player is extraordinary or ascends past the culture of the sport he/she plays, a nickname might stick. Better yet, the first name might become the calling card. For those players, such as Kobe, Shaq, LeBron, Tiger and others, all you need to hear is a first name to know whom everyone is talking about.With esports, players become known online by their gaming handles. As with Scuderi, you get a wide range of stories from teenagers about how they first picked the IDs they would become famous for. You have stories of players looking to the right of their desks and picking the first object they see, or in the case of Scuderi, the story is as plain as an immature term his friend heard from an R-rated Rob Schneider flick.I think I had a Nintendo 64, maybe even an earlier version, Scuderi said when asked how he got into video games. Maybe my first game was Mortal Kombat with my dad? That was pretty interesting. Besides that, I played Banjo-Kazooie, Super Mario, whatever was out at the time. Eventually, I moved into PC gaming, and I played StarCraft into WarCraft III. Basically just played popular games at the time.When people not familiar with esports hear about professional competitive gamers, stereotypes surely pop up. They play in their parents basements. Theyre antisocial. They dont know how to interact with anyone outside of a monitor. Fortunately, due to the growth of esports in the west and the offline aspect of the top leagues around the world, those stereotypes, though sometimes true, are being cleansed by the likes of Scuderi.Although he is self-admittedly introverted and played a video game for a living, there is no real difference between Scuderi and most 22-year-olds. He plays with his hair as he talks, has no issue keeping eye contact and answers interview questions as well as any other person in the spotlight would at his age. Scuderi has amassed a large following on Twitch and averages around 14,000 viewers every time he streams.Having passionate fans, a foreign idea to him when he was back in high school, is something that makes all the work and stress worthwhile.I try to make most of the experiences between me and the fans, Scuderi said. Because they usually go way out of their way to come see you, so I figure if I can give them the best experience, then theyll not regret coming out. I hope to give them a good time, and besides that, its pretty nice just getting to meet people that enjoy what I do.The connection between the fans and players is one of the keys that has made esports grow considerably the past five years. Its hard for fans of LeBron James or Steph Curry to feel like they truly understand them. Theyre living lives fans can only imagine, and besides waiting in line for hours during a promotional signing, a fans chances of ever meeting or interacting with them for more than a few seconds are minimal.Scuderi talks and interacts with his fans on Twitch, laughing along with them and answering their questions. After games at the NA LCS, fans can get pictures and talk to players in front of the arena, and there is always a chance of catching them for a quick chat in the parking lot while they wait for a shuttle. Players are often given gifts by fans who come to the studio to watch them, and the items range from a box of candies to carefully crafted, personalized presents.I got a Chipotle bowl today, Scuderi said. Over the years, the members of the C9 team have become known for enjoying burritos from the American chain.So just a regular Chipotle bowl? They just came up and [said,] Here?Yep.Was it any good? I asked.I havent ate it yet, he answered, appearing like he hoped the person who gave him his present wouldnt be upset at his answer.Are you going to?Maybe, he said with a laugh.As silly as it sounds, thats esports. Pro gamers are generally the same as the fans theyre meeting. Without their uniforms, the players can blend into the crowd at the LCS arena, as a sea of video game enthusiasts chat among themselves on a weekend afternoon.I had some troubles in ninth grade because I was playing [World of WarCraft] just nonstop, Scuderi said. [High school] was up and down. A lot of the time, I was spending a little too much time on video games. Okay, maybe not [a little] too much. I was spending all my time on video games, and then it just bit me in life, which is OK. I just didnt really realize how much time I actually had to put into school. The same thing happened in college too.After high school, Scuderi went on to college as a computer science major. This was around the time he was attempting to get into the LCS with his team Quantic Gaming (which would later become Cloud9), and it became a decision between finishing a degree while keeping gaming as a hobby and becoming a professional gamer over everything else.At first, it was bad, Scuderi said, going back a few years to recall the moment he told his family he wanted to prioritize qualifying for the LCS over continuing his degree. I was failing school. Thats the first thing my mom saw. She checked my grades and was like, Uh, why do you have three failing classes? I told her I was trying out for this LCS thing. Yeah, the first time I failed the first LCS qualifier. It was pretty sad because my mom didnt really want to see me fail like that between school and the [LCS qualification] I was going for.In the second semester, Scuderi bumped up his grades to satisfactory levels and was forced into an ultimatum situation with the two lives he was trying to lead.A month before classes ended, it was like, if you want to be on Cloud9, you have to leave school and fly to California, Scuderi said. I was like, All right, mom, Im going to go out there and do this. I had already set my mind on it. I didnt want to go based off her decision: Like if she said yes, Id go, and if she said no, I wouldnt go. I was just going to do this. I was going to fly back to finish the tests and classes. Tried that. Didnt exactly work out. Failed the tests anyway and wasted my time flying back. It was pretty unfortunate. But [my mom] was really supportive of me.Scuderi flew to California, qualified with his Quantic teammates after failing the first qualification and quickly became a member of Cloud9 when it took over. Back then, the LCS was a lesser form of what it is today, in terms of production and size. Scuderis first games were a small studio in which all the teams were close to one another, chatting and hanging out on couches before the games. Now, with the LCS having its own studio and live audiences, the teams have their own locker rooms before going under the stage lights to play in matches.[My mom] was really happy for me just seeing my success, he said. She wanted to come out [with my sisters] because we were doing so well. They had a really good time at the [2013 World Championships] watching. I dont think they understood much at all. I think now my [mom] understands a lot because shes been watching most of my games. But I think they had a good time.From playing the final level of Banjo-Kazooie relentlessly as a child alongside his father -- which Scuderi admits neither of them was able to complete -- to playing in front of thousands of fans in South Korea during the 2014 World Championships, video games have shaped Scuderis life. Along with his parents and siblings, he mentioned longtime teammate Will Meteos Hartman as one of the people who have helped him the most the past four years as a pro gamer, just by being around to talk and hang out with while 2,000 miles from his life in Florida.I think Ive already established what Im going to be remembered for, Scuderi said. Its just being a really consistent player. Its not like Im going to go insane most games, but Ill be there, and Ill be doing the damage that I need for the team. Ill be that consistent factor that you can rely on.Looking to the future, Scuderi has no intention to slow down his consistent nature as a pro gamer. Down the line, perhaps, if he cant play well enough anymore, he thinks streaming full-time on Twitch would be a doable option, given his fan base and the enjoyment he gets from interacting with them. But he doesnt know what else hed do in his free time if he didnt have scrimmage blocks to go to or matches to travel for.Back to school would be my last-resort option, he said. I think going to school would be the hardest change of pace for me, just because you have to put in a ton of work. I wouldnt be able to play computer games or games [in general] nearly as much, and that would be the hardest thing for me, for sure.Behind each pro gamers ID, there is a human being, unmasked from the online persona. Some are introverted, some extroverted. Some have bustling social lives and others like to sit alone on Friday nights grinding to become better at their craft. A few want to become superstars known worldwide, and others fear the spotlight and merely want to make enough money to live comfortably.Yet as Scuderis last words solidified, theyre all shaped by the games theyve played throughout their adolescent years, until when their hobby became a job. Scuderi will play on like the rest. His own path is different, but the underlying story is the same: a true passion and deep love for games. Stitched Antonio Brown Jersey . The FA rejected Wilsheres appeal that the length of his punishment was "clearly excessive" and said Thursday his suspension begins with immediate effect. He will miss league matches against Chelsea on Monday and West Ham on Dec. Cheap Steelers Jerseys . Wall made the comment in a speech to a Regina business crowd that included Lesnar. The U.S. wrestler and retired mixed martial artist says he was visiting his brothers farm in Saskatchewan and decided he wanted to hear what the premier had to say. http://www.cheapsteelersjerseysauthentic.com/?tag=authentic-james-washington-jersey . Neymar curled home a free kick from just outside the area to put the 2014 World Cup host ahead in the 44th minute. Three minutes after the break, a simple through pass from Paulinho freed Oscar and the Chelsea star rounded goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong to extend Brazils lead. Authentic Terrell Edmunds Jersey . "It doesnt get any better than that," Giambi said. "Im speechless." The Indians are roaring toward October. Giambi belted a two-run, pinch-hit homer with two outs in the ninth inning to give Cleveland a shocking 5-4 win over the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night, keeping the Indians up with the lead pack in the AL wild-card race. Authentic Mason Rudolph Jersey . Jeff Green scored 13 points and Kris Humphries 12 for the Celtics, who nearly blew an 18-point, second-half lead. Sullingers 20-20 was the first by a Celtics player since Kevin Garnetts first game in Boston in 2007. Garnett was dealt -- along with Paul Pierce -- to Brooklyn during the off-season. BATON ROUGE, La. -- Les Miles enters his 12th season at LSU with one of the most experienced teams of his tenure, including Heisman Trophy hopeful Leonard Fournette.Now LSUs upperclassmen must produce or face the prospect of precipitating the end of the Miles era on the bayou. After all, expectations at LSU run as high as Death Valley is loud, and it has been four seasons since the Tigers earned a berth to the Southeastern Conference championship game.Optimism oozes from junior quarterback Brandon Harris as he explains how having a slew of leaders among the 17 returning players who started much of last season could propel LSU back into contention for SEC and national titles.We have such a great group of guys, great leaders in each of those (position) rooms, guys that have played a lot of football, Harris said. All those guys are really working hard in the leadership role. Were able to motivate guys. ... Guys want to get out and compete.A three-game, late-season losing streak that began with a fifth-straight loss to rival Alabama derailed the Tigers hopes for a return to SEC supremacy and spawned rampant speculation that Miles would not make it through the season. His status wasnt confirmed until after a victory over Texas A&M in LSUs regular season finale in Tiger Stadium.The Tigers then beat Texas Tech in the Texas Bowl, finishing with a 9-3 record, and LSU headed into the offseason eager to see how much better it could be with another year of maturity.Indeed, Miles said as fall camp approached that he expects the Tigers to be a very significant team.Here are some prominent story lines for LSU:FABULOUS FOURNETTE: LSUs star running back rushed for 1,953 yards and 22 touchdowns as a sophomore. He also had 19 catches for 253 yards and one touchdown receiving. However, a 31-yard performance at Alabama knocked him out of the running for the Heisman Trophy, eventually won by his Alabama counterpart, Derrick Henry. This year, LSU has a deep backfield and is striving for an improved passing game, meaning the Tigers wont necessarily expect Fournette to increase production overall, but still carry the offense through critical junctures.ddddddddddddARANDAS ARRIVAL: LSUs defense has its third coordinator in three seasons following the departure of Kevin Steele, who last season replaced John Chavis. Now Steele has moved on, replaced by Dave Aranda, who left Wisconsin to join Miles staff. The Tigers, whove long played with four down linemen, will now be in a 3-4 set that in some cases will allow more versatile players to line up in different spots, depending on the situation. So far, LSU defenders seem pleased by the opportunities Aranda will give them to explore their full potential. How well they execute in game situations remains to be seen.SEASON OPENER: The Tigers open against Wisconsin on Sept. 3 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This marks the second off-campus season opener between these teams since LSU narrowly came back to beat the Badgers, 28-24, in Houston in 2014. The game also pits Aranda against the team for which he coached the previous three seasons.KEY GAMES: For LSU, no game is bigger than Alabamas visit on Nov. 5. The Tigers have not beaten Nick Sabans Crimson Tide since the 2011 regular season. Other pivotal games include a visit to Florida on Oct. 8, a home date with Mississippi on Oct. 22 and a Nov. 12 visit to Arkansas, where the Tigers historically struggle.PREDICTION: LSU was a virtual 10-win team in 2015 with a younger squad and with Harris as a first-year starter. Now Harris has another offseason under coordinator and QB coach Cam Cameron, who plans to be on the sideline this season, rather than in the press box as he was for all of last season except for the Tigers lopsided bowl victory. With him on the sideline, being able to communicate with me, me being able to look over there and look at his eyes and see if were on the same page, its important, Harris said. If Harris improves on last seasons completion percentage of 53.8, LSU could contend for a College Football Playoff berth.---Online: AP College football website: www.collegefootball.ap.org Cheap NFL Jerseys China Discount NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys 2019 Cheap Jerseys 2020 Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China ' ' '

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a franchise record 1The Browns will owe Haden $4 million in guaranteed money Week Doubling Its Character Capacity And Unleashing Eastern Florida Panthers Elite Jersey Atlantic Black this year, $19 Cheap Jerseys so perhaps that will ease Display Washington Capitals Reebok Jerseys Team Pride And Team Smarts With Paintball Jerseys what he asks for, although with Drew Rosenhaus as his agent that seems unlikely. As it stands, Haden's market is surprisingly varied. With the preseason in full swing and the regular season just around the corner, there are a lot of teams that at least need help at cornerback.Secondly, Lawlor established his general design style and signature playfield patterns in these first two games. Both games were noted for their Eichels Possible New Contract Thats Holding Cheap Vintage Nfl Jersey Up An Agreement With The Buffalo crowded playfields, especially when compared to the more fast, flow oriented machines that were most popular at the time. Lawlor also introduced his signature bumper shot, in which players needed to shoot the ball on the level playfield between pop bumpers, which is a tricky shot that requires great precision.
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but mcgee is a nice weaponAlso, you'll see some names here who did pretty well this past weekend. I assure you, I had them on this list beforehand. I swear. With a win this week against Miami, the Patriots will improve to 9 2 and guarantee a winning record for the 17th straight season to break a tie with San Francisco (1983 98) and Dallas (1970 85) for the most consecutive winning seasons since the 1970 merger. SERIES HISTORYThe New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins cheap Seattle Seahawks jerseys will square off for cheap Seattle Seahawks jerseys the 104th time, including three playoff games and for the official Seattle Seahawks jerseys first of two meetings in 2017. It is the 52nd year as division foes..

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