How Do You Feel About FIFA 16's Aids Montage

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What is with the contact fouling in this game. Any physical contact is automatically a foul it's even worse inside the box. If you have a guy on your player shoulder to shoulder in the box try a finesse shot or even a regular shot with cheap fifa coins. When your player is trying to kick the ball he will kick the opposing player, fall and it's a penalty. So much bull man.

EVERYTHING is pre determined, because the ball has to land to a certain player, which the game decides. There's a reason rebound goals are like a staple of the FIFA franchise, because the ball is coded to go to the attacker more often than not. Whenever you throw the ball with a keeper and the attacker once again wins it more often than not, it's because it favours the attacker.

FIFA on the whole is based around creating attacking opportunities, and now this time they've given defenders that magnetic ability to try and emhpasize how new and improved and balanced the game is.
This isn't even taking into consideration offline, where the player clearly has a disadvantage compared to the AI, particularly with fouls and how the ball lands.

My opinion may change later, who knows, but FIFA 16 is by no means perfect, the ref give away pks like candies(I've been noticing that a lot of players are trying their hardest to buy fifa coins, even when there is 4 defenders in the way and a much better positioned striker) while a guy injured half my team and not a single foul was called, and some other stuff too.

Now, one thing that has bothering me is how 'definitive' FIFA is, there are things that are wrong from day 1 that may or may not be fixed on the next game, while we see every other game having stuff fixed as it goes on, I think they can't convince you to spend your money on a new game if the last one is fine

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