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The NFL opening ga is still over o months away cheap ugg boots sale , but if you are an avid fan, no doubt you are chomping at the bit. How did the Chicago Bears do in Free Agency? How about the draft? What about other off season issues? Did they do enough to get bk to the Super Bowl and win it this ti? How will Rex do this year?

Other Off Season Issues

Let's start with other off season issues. The off season for the Bears was not a pretty picture. It started before the off season even began. In December of 2006, police found several guns and other weapons equipnt in Tank Johnson's Gurnee, Illinois house.

The following evening, Johnson's friend, William Posey, was murdered while defending Johnson at a nightclub. On March 15, 2007, a judge in Skokie, Illinois sentenced Johnson to 120 days in jail and fined him $2,500 dollars. On May 13, 2007, he was released from jail for good behavior. Soon after, Johnson was suspended for several gas for the 2007 season.

For most people, this ould have been a ssage to be on your best behavior. But not for Tank cheap ugg boots , as on early Friday, June 22nd, 2007, Johnson was pulled over for doing 40 in a 25 mph zone. The officer made observations that led him to believe Johnson was impaired. Sgt. Andrew Duncan, a police spokesperson, said Johnson was arrested for "DUI Impaired to the Slightest Degree" but was released without being booked or charged.

For the Bears, that was enough. In essence, Johnson was fired from his job. In NFL terms, he was releasedwaived. FM Jerry Angelo said in a statent, "We are upset and embarrassed by Tank's tions last week. He promised the credibility of our organization. We made it clear to him that he had no room for error."

The situation with Lance Briggs continues to escalate. Shortly after the Bears lost the Super Bowl, the Bears slapped the franchise tag on Briggs, essentially locking him up for another year. The price of the tag is worth over $7 million.

Apparently Briggs did not like that horrible treatnt and voiced his disgust over the deplorable situation on The Mike North Morning Show claiming he no longer wants to play with the Bears. Briggs then reiterated this statent on FoxSports. The Bears of course have stated that they plan to keep him for 2007 season. As expected, Briggs was a no-ow for mini-camp. Despite that ft, the Bears still believe Briggs will e around. Lovie Smith said, "I'm going to rely on history a little bit. History tells guys oasionally miss mini-camp uggs clearance sale , they're sotis late to training camp, so maybe miss training camp. History tells players don't miss an entire football season." Smith may be right.

Regardless of how one feels, giving up $7 million, or just a bit over $400,000 per ga would be painful to do just to prove a point. Briggs will no doubt miss training camp and ow up at the last minute to prove his point but not miss a paycheck.

NFL 2007 Draft

The defense was the cornerstone of the Bears run to the Super Bowl. So with that in mind, the first pick they had in the draft, the Bears went on the offensive side of the ball and selected Greg Olsen, a Tight end out of Miami. The remaining picks were spread fairly evenly beeen offense and defense.

Free Agency Losses

The Bears defense was solid for 2006, and could be just as good in 2007. The Bears suffered no major losses via Free Agency but as ntioned above, they have parted ways with Tank Johnson. While there were no other major losses, the Bears did lose their defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, who has since been repled by assistant head cohlinebkers coh Bob Babich. Incredibly, the Bears and Rivera could not agree on a contrt and Rivera ended up taking a job with the Chargers as a linebkers coh.

Why does a coordinator with a highly rated defense leave a team that went to the Super Bowl to take a job as a linebkers coh with another team?

Free Agency Gains

The Bears also were quite in Free Agency quisitions. Other than slapping the Franchise Tag on Briggs, the Bears were relatively quiet. Of note though, the Bears did extent the contrt of Lovie Smith. That as a no brainer as he took on team that was in ambles and took them to the Super Bowl.

Early Prediction

The Bears will once again be a good team but will not sneak up on people like they did last year. But will they be good enough to reh the Super Bowl? Yes uggs clearance , they could, but in this land of NFL parity and surprise teams, all the distrtions they Bears have suffered over the last few months, sobody else will knock the Bears down and Super Bowl trips will once again bee a distant mory. Author Resource:- Keith Scott writes articles for fun. Talk Sports and football now at his free sports based forum. Provide your thoughts about your despised rival up north or the uping season or about Tank.
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