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Sell me your FUT 16 Marchisio

in fifa 16 coins ps4 11.12.2015 02:40
von jamesbonds • 9 Beiträge

with the price cap and so less coins that we get for the match wins etc., I find it impossible to make any significant amount of coins . (Just a note that I have played almost 400k cheapest fifa coins on FIFA 16 .)

ALso since this is beta the market is non-existent , even when i list my players at the lowest price they hardly get sold .

There is a problem with the price structure currently. The gap between the price 84 rated players and the higher ones is ludicrous. For example, schweini and lahm are 88 and 87 and are over 500k coins. who's going to pay that for players who aren't game changers like Neymar when coins are so hard to earn?

The Player exchange, i think is a way out of that card won't sell at lowest price problem. That is a problem because the PE is a bad joke, or more precisely a bad joke on you/us. It's like the casino saying "trust me, trade in your old cards, I swear I'll give you good ones in return." it's a sucker's bet.
I love the game play in 16, it is leaps and bounds better than 15, but if the UI is the same and the price ranges are the same as the beta, I don't know, man, I'm just not sure.

Normally I don't buy packs, but I bought the BPL pack to get 11 gold players and have been SIMing the BPL tournament. After you win the first time you don't get the 3 player pack or 1500 fifa coins online or whatever. It drops to 800. But you can exploit the Accomplishments goal of 5 goals by a BPL player and get 500 coins. Start the SIM, then adjust to UltraAttacking. I don't care if I lose 6-5.

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