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When I first started creating websites I remember working with just HTML on Notepad that our High School teacher told us to use. So I was absolutely blown away when I saw the first WYSIWYG Authentic Patrick Roy Jersey , What You See Is What You Get HTML editors such as FrontPage which allows you to create webpage graphically instead of having to code by hand. It was good for creating webpages, but I still didn't know how to use forms and submit data, and the other amazing things that could be done with a webpage. Now this is mostly because back then I didn't really understand the entire field and how website development works. In fact it wasn't until I started college that I finally did understand how everything fits in into the overall hierarchy. Seeing as how Website Design is such an interesting field to me I thought it would be appropriate to write this little primer on understanding Website Development Technologies and how they bine together to create a website for beginners and professionals everywhere, maybe even help you decide if website design is the right career for you. There are many different technologies involved with website development so we'll split them into five main categories: - Graphic Design - Front End Website Design - XHTML HTML CSS - Cool Effects Client Side Programming - Web Programming Server Side Programming - Database Development Graphic Design Let's start with Graphic Design. Design itself can mean a lot of different things in lots of different fields Authentic Nathan MacKinnon Jersey , but in this case I'm referring specifically to the actual graphic design that goes into creating the website. The image that an artist uses and how they create a layout of a website. You'll find that website design artists work with numerous different types of graphic design software. Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Paint Shop Pro. These aren't the only software tools but these are the ones that are more monly used by many of the professional graphic designers and web design artists. I really can't go into detail about graphic design because it's not something that can be explained, atleast not in 2 pages. So I'm just going to assume that you now have an overall image of your website designed and stored on a Photoshop or some other file format. The next step would be to turn that image into a website. This requires front end development, also known as website design. This is what most webmasters are familiar with. There are WYSIWYG software programs such as Microsoft Frontpage and Dreamweaver which can be used to create websites using HTML and Tables Authentic Lanny McDonald Jersey , but you'll find that professionals tend to rely on a bination of XHTML and CSS to create a layout, and for a good reason. Why XHTML CSS As with graphic design I won't go into the exact details for XHTML and CSS mainly because it's too long of an explanation, but here are some good reasons why you should be using XHTML and CSS. With XHTML you'll be able to increase cross browser patibility so that you're website displays correctly on multiple browsers, not just the one you're testing on. Why is this important. According to W3C Authentic Joe Sakic Jersey , The World Wide Web Consortium, Internet Explorer browsers (5,6 & the new 7) take up 58% of the browser market. Firefox and other browsers currently take up 42 percent. Imagine missing out on 42% of your profits because you're website is not cross browser patible. The good news is that adding cross browser patibility is easier to do if you follow XHTML and CSS standards. If you already know html then XHTML will be easy to implement because once you get down to it, you'll see that XHTML is HTML Authentic Jarome Iginla Jersey , but with standards which can help you build a great website - down to the EXACT pixel. Why CSS I have to admit I actually didn't know about CSS when I first started learning HTML. I really wish I did though. If you've ever tried to create a webpage layout by including one table inside another, and 2 tables inside another cell, then CSS will give you freedom. Well not literally, but it will help you see that there is a better way to create great website layouts. Layouts that won't break down every time you try to edit your webpage. It will help you see how can you make use of tons of other html properties that you might have never seen in WYSIWYG editors. With CSS webpages are easier to manage Authentic Erik Johnson Jersey , designs are easier to change because by changing properties on the style sheet, those changes will cascade to ALL webpages that use that CSS file. So if you decide to change the font color of your 200+ webpages website, you can do it easily by just editing one css file in a few minutes. Now imagine if you weren't using CSS and you needed to update 200 webpages. Good luck with that. But if I still don't believe me then just visit CSSZenGarden. because this website really cleared it up for me. I used to have this crazy notion that CSS is used for just aligning the text and making sure it displays correctly. The main reason behind this is because when I first saw CSS it was when I used to work with Frontpage. And in Frontpage when you see an option for CSS it just displayed text aligning correctly. I thought WHO CARES about aligning some text So for a while, ok ok for a long while Authentic Daniel Briere Jersey , I ignored CSS. It wasn't until I visited CSSZenGarden that I truly began to see how CSS could be used and really find out the secrets to creating the stunning designs that are seen all throughout the web. If you visit this website the first thing you should do is to first just browse through their design layouts. Once you're finished browsing read the text. It will show you the true power behind CSS and why almost all if not all of the great websites that are built with HTML also make use of CSS. Ok so you've moved on to XHTML and gained your freedom with CSS, and you've now finished turning that design into a real live webpage. Congratulations. What's next At this point you're probabl. Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys

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200 receiving yards and 16 touchdownsAll WWE needs to do is address the news of Bate and Dunne being wholesale nfl jerseys pulled from the UK dates, and that they will be in attendance at TakeOver: San Antonio. Then on Saturday morning, we have a video wholesale football jerseys of the two men inside the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, with Jaguars draft WR Dede Westbrook in fourth round Dunne again attacking Bate. As he beats down Bate, Dunne is screaming that he wants his title rematch..Hope the Coin Harvest establishes the importance of helping others and donating to worthy local charities in our kindergarten through cheap nhl jersey fifth grade students. If the sentiment of this For a long time, walking madness ncaa jerseys wholesale 2016 program has a lasting impact on our students, it will serve our community well in the future, Ditslear said. Football Jerseys This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed..
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then again they gave up a TD and the extra point to Buffalo, vintage

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bikes and then come to a dead stop on a dimeExcellentby LJM235 on Jan 26, 2016Rating: guests, interesting perspectives. I began listening to this podcast years ago, and it remains one of my favorites. Though the podcasters may think of themselves as progressive and on the intellectual forefront, much of their paradigm is borrowed from 19th century attitudes towards religion.The Eagles are Super Bowl contenders: Looks like Penguins #87 Sidney Crosby White Stitched NHL Jersey we have a new contender in the NFC. Devils #28 Damon Severson Red Home Stitched NHL Jersey After dismantling the Steelers 34 3, the Eagles are very much in the conversation as Canucks #10 Pavel Bure Embroidered Black Mitchell&Ness NHL Jersey a Super Bowl contender. It might seem a little early to say that, especially with rookie QB Carson Wentz, who will come back to Earth as teams see more of him, Cheap NHL Jerseys but the Eagles are playing that well in all three phases.

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