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Inside the digestive system, there’s a specific pattern that is being followed to properly digest the foods that we tend to eat. This pattern is followed from the abdomen to the intestines. This can be the sole approh nutrients are properly absorbed. Additionally, this enables the right elimination of waste as well. This process is further enhanced with the right balance of good and dangerous bteria. The balance of eh smart and dangerous bteria in the gut is important for a healthy digestive system. The problem is that the balance will generally be disrupted due to stress and other ftors. One in all the most triggers of stress inside the digestive system is antibiotics. When you take antibiotics Joe Kocur Jersey , it eliminates both sensible and unhealthy bteria in the gut as a result of it cannot differentiate the o. This can cause a stress inside the system, that ends up in leaky gut syndrome. Apart from antibiotics, certain foods may also cause leaky gut syndrome. 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